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Since 1976, it is among the Turkey’s oldest firms that specialize in hydraulic work platforms and hydraulic tables. Hundreds of products are used successfully all around Turkey.
The firm which follows the highest standards in quality and safety has CE quality certificate and HD 1004 certificate of conformity. Since 2000, it continues to export work platforms, hydraulic tables and tower systems manufactured to number of countries all around the world.
Hydraulic Lift Tables

Whenever it is required to lift equipments, working accessories, goods or people from a certain elevation to another safely, you need scissors type lifting platforms (Hydraulic Tables).
Hydraulic Tables could be used for purposes such as lifting, feeding, transporting, rotating and overthrowing in various tasks.
All structural components are designed for typical heavy load welding construction method.
Hydraulic system and accompanying sub-systems are designed in order to enable easy-maintenance and friendly-usage.

In order to be qualified to bid for hydraulic tables adequate the below information;
a) The load capacity,
b) Stroke and distance,
c) Platform sizes.

Scissors Type Hydraulic Tables could be designed to work over single or multi-scissors.
They can work under 220 VAC, 380 VAC or 24 VDC power.
They could be designed fixed, within base or with wheels.
The capacity of them can range from 500 kg to 100 tons.
Hydraulic Tables are especially used for loading and unloading of trucks, adjustment of the elevation of equipments, feeding large workbenches, palette lifting operations, press loading and similar tasks















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